Sexual Energy Repression

Here’s a question from a reader:“What is Sexual repression?”

Repression of any energy is when you don’t allow it to flow inside of yourself and actually push it back and do your best NOT to feel it.

This can happen either psychologically, physically or energetically.

On most cases this is done unconsciously. So you have no conscious control over this repression.

What we aim to do in Charisma School, more exactly with the Sexual Energy Mastery training is to bring this energy into the conscious domain so you’ll become aware of it in several situations, if you are repressing this energy or not.

Once you can recognize the energy in yourself, you’ll be able to also recognize this energy when it shows up during your day in random situations (like talking with an attractive coworker for example).

And when this happens, you understand if you are repressing this energy or not.

In other words, you’ll understand if the energy is naturally flowing inside of you or if you tense up or push it back.

All done with natural body feelings that you uncover over the training.

Naturally, we want to allow it to flow as normally as possible.

Learn how to develop sexual energy with our new training Sexual Energy Mastery:

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