Sexual Energy is the Secret Key of Attraction

Sexual energy is the secret key of attraction.

We can be here discussing language patterns, ways of communication, personality traits, body language until we are all blue in the face, but there’s only one thing that truly matters in attraction:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

That’s it.

Regardless of the type of communication you choose to use or what your personality type is, if you are not sexual, you’re always going to have a hard time generating attraction.

So what is being sexual?

Being sexual is – first of all – not being afraid to connect with and project your sexuality.

In other words, it’s about feeling it inside of you, embracing it, and not being afraid to show it.

You don’t need to be an overt sexual guy or girl, as in: dressed in provocative ways or continuous sexual talks or jokes.

No – far from it.

If that’s who you are, that’s fine, but for most of us it’s far away from what we will be comfortable in doing.

You don’t need anything overt like that.

The projection of sexual energy is much more subtle.

In fact, it looks like nothing is happening on the outside, but when you are aware of the energy currents and know how to use them, there’s a whole world of sexual energy going back and forth.

A simple glance, a simple touch can transmit much more than what you think.

This is a completely new world to discover in interactions that was hidden from us.

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