How Does Sexual Energy and Tension Energy Feel Like?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“What is the difference between sexual energy and tension energy? By this I mean what are the differences in how your body feels or reacts with these energy types?”

As I’ve discussed before both Sexual Energy and Personal Magnetism are different qualities of the bigger concept of energy.

Sexual energy is the basis of sexual magnetism, the type of energy that generates sexual attraction.

And tension energy is the basis of personal magnetism, the type of energy that generates influence and fascination (which also leads to attraction).

Although the end result might be achieved with one or the other, they each feel differently in your body. And while it depends heavily from each individual, certain characteristics tend to be common.

Sexual energy has a distinctively good and sensual feeling. It’s warm and pleasurable, but also has a “hunting” type of feeling which moves you into action. It tends to originate in the pelvic area.

The feeling it causes in others is sensual in nature. It draws them in like a sniff of an enticing and alluring perfume.

Tension energy is a more solid type of feeling. It elicits strength, power and vitality. It’s similar to a feeling of exhilaration and movement. It tends to originate in the solar plexus.

Aside for its effects on influence and personal power, it’s great for productivity and getting things done!

The feeling it causes in others is more impactful and captivating. It magnetizes them, like putting them a under a spell.

Fortunately for us, you don’t have to choose between or the other. Just like you can have fish in one meal, and meat on the other, you can also use sexual energy and tension energy as it pleases you.

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