Sexual Energy and Will Power

Here’s another interesting question from a reader:

“Does will power has a connection with sexual energy?”

Your Will is in connection with everything that you do in life, including sexual energy and sexual magnetism.

You can develop sexual energy through any method until you’re blue in the face, yet it will only get transmitted to the outside world through your Will.

Your Will is a very important key to Personal Magnetism and Sexual Magnetism. It’s what allows you to project the energy outward.

Yet, the common exercises for developing your Will power won’t cut it if you don’t do them right. I’ve published a video about this before. You can watch it here:
I’ve met many people who followed methods of sexual energy development, yet, they didn’t translate into the sexual magnetism we’re all seeking… into actually project this sexual energy to other people around you arising sexual feelings in them.

They lacked the training of the Will to transmit it. On many cases it was the Inner Power (that we develop in the 10 Steps course), but also solid methods of magnetic transmission of the sexual energy.

This is precisely what we train in the Sexual Magnetism training course. More information here:

As a side note, also remember, one important thing, Will POWER is just one of the Will qualities, but not the only one.

For an in depth study of the Will you can read Roberto Assagioli’s book “The Act of Will”.

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