Sexual Magnetism Without a Course

Based on yesterday’s email about the “Geisha Stare”, someone asked:“Can you develop Sexual Magnetism naturally without a training course?”

You certainly can!

The Geishas did it all the time. And a thousand people all over the world also do it.

You see, as you learn techniques to express and live sexuality, like dancing and other arts who force you to express sexuality, Sexual Magnetism is bound to come out of you.

Dance teachers TYPICALLY have a higher than normal normal degree of Sexual Magnetism. Not all of them, of course, but a good deal for sure.


They are working everyday to make their movements look good and appealing (which is another word for sexual), not to mention finding ways to deeply connect with their partner or the audience.

But they are also plenty of them who don’t have a single drop of Sexual Magnetism. Why? Mostly because they have a different mind quality rather than sexuality. Most likely they do it to gain somepower over others or to express their own egos.

So, like a Geisha, whether you are a man or a woman, you can spend a few years going to classes and learning different arts that indirectly work on your Sexual Magnetism.

Or you can get specific training in it and do it in 1/10 of the time.

The advantage of the training course is it’s efficiency and speed over the traditional methods.

To develop Sexual Magnetism using arts and other methods is like taking the dirt road to some destination. Using a specific training course, you are taking the highway.

Develop your Sexual Magnetism with our training course. More information here:

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