Sexual Thoughts

Having sexual energy is much different than thinking about sex.

It’s completely un-related.

Thinking about sex doesn’t guarantee you to have a sexual energy.

In fact, it can hinder it.

When you’re constantly thinking about sex, it creates (or fuels) an obsessive desire in you. And it’s a desire out of “neediness” and “contraction”, while sexual energy is based on “abundance” and “expansion”.

A person with a high degree with sexual energy wants to share his(or her) energy with others, and not to steal something away.

He’s not an energy vampire. He’s a giver.

When a person with high sexual energy walks into a room, he is giving away his sexuality to everyone in there. You may feel aroused simply by his or her presence.

But the interesting thing is that the sexual energy person is not thinking about sex at that moment. This person can be thinking about something completely unrelated.

Sexual energy is a quality of energy.

It can be unconsciously infused in your movements, words, thoughts, behaviors, in a way that elicits sexuality.

So you won’t need to be constantly thinking about sex. That will only increase the “needy” desire, leading you further away from the true sexual energy.

Once you understand sexual energy, there’s not something you need to “do”… it becomes something you simply “are”.

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