Sexual Toughts and Sexual Magnetism

Here’s a question that originated from the previous email on sexual magnetism:“is the development of sexual energy all about having sexual thoughts?”

It’s a great question and I completely understand how my previous emails might have led to this.

The answer is NO. You don’t need to think a only of sexual thoughts in order to become magnetic, otherwise there would be A LOT of sexual magnetic persons out there… which is not the case.

Every thought has energy behind it. What happens with many persons who are NOT sexually magnetic is that they may have a lot of sexual thoughts BUT the energy behind those thoughts is NOT truly magnetic… very often there exists an energy of
neediness and desperation, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t elicit any kind of sexual magnetism.

It’s not so much about the quantity of thoughts, but it’s more about the QUALITY.

For you to understand this better, imagine the following sentence:

“I’m a very powerful person!”

Imagine saying this inside of your mind with a depressed state of mind and energy. As you probably guess, even if you repeat it 1000 times, it wouldn’t work very well if the energy behind it is still depressed.

But if you repeat the sentence inside of your mind with a powerful magnetic energy behind it, then the results will be very different.

It’s the same with the sexual thoughts. The hard part is the acceptance and development of a powerful and strong sexual state and sexual energy, not the quantity or even the content of the thoughts.

Most people have no real trouble having sexual thoughts, if anything, they have too much. The true issue is in the understanding and developing of the sexual energy and a sexual state.

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