Shortcut to Inner Power

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to Inner Power and personal magnetism.The only shortcut is already having born with it, or groomed to become like that since early age.

Otherwise, you need to work for it, as I did, as Fabricio did, and many others.

I always considered Fabricio having a huge amount of inner power. I didn’t believed he could have been any other way than this giant of inner power, so I just assumed he was one of the special cases that were born with it.

So one day I asked him:

“I know we can train to develop our inner power but were you always like this? Did you always had this crazy amount of inner power in you?”

He answered me:

“I wouldn’t be here teaching this to you if I had been born with it. I would just have taken for granted and never thought about about it.”

“Don’t feel bad when you have to work for it. It’s helping you grow and evolve as a person. Without this work you would never value this skill.”

And at that moment I thought (but didn’t said out loud!):

“Sh#%! I don’t care about all the hard work, I just want the inner power and the personal magnetism!”

Now, at least 10 years down the road, I completely understand where he is coming from.

We each have our own individual challenges, and these challenges, that we always consider the reason of why we don’t succeed in life, are precisely the reason we are here in this world.

They help you become a better you. They help you find a purpose to your life. They help you evolve.

When you overcome them, it’s like a huge block is lifted from your shoulders. If you believe in karma, this is like overcoming karmic blocks so that your spirit may evolve.

(Nevermind if this sounds too esoteric, but the feeling is exactly like this!)

Inner power and personal magnetism are no exceptions. Once you achieve them, limits to success in your life are also un-blocked.

Then, you’ll have nothing to stop you to succeed in whatever you so desire.

No more blocks.

No more limits.

Start to develop your Inner Power with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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