Should I block my sexual energy?

Here’s an interesting question from the a Sexual Energy Mastery student:

“One thing I did notice was all the women on the team, literally, all of them except one gravitated toward me. I was almost always surrounded by women, something I’m not really used to.

Also, some of them got extremely close to me and were so touchy, something I wasn’t really expecting or used to.

What do you recommend doing when someone you aren’t attracted to does this? I stepped back a few times because I wasn’t attracted to them and didn’t want to give the wrong vibe, is that something that may block sexual energy in the future?”

That’s a common issue when students start to become sexually magnetic.

As I’ve mentioned before, sexual magnetism is like a perfume: you can’t really choose who will smell it (and like it).

Everyone smells it and whether you want it or not, many people will be attracted to it.

It’s perfectly natural that you are not attracted to many of the people who are attracted to you.

Just ask any already sexually magnetic man or woman. They get attraction from people everyday, and of course, they are not attracted to 99% of those who approach them.

What you CANNOT do is block the energy or retract. This is the equivalent of washing off your perfume, so no one will smell it.

Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want – to get rid of the attraction altogether. But I assume it’s not.

Don’t back out. Learn to enjoy this attention from women around you. This is precisely what signals your unconscious mind that you WANT this type of attention – which is sexual magnetism.

It’s inevitable that someone you really want will notice that.

Being selective in your energy doesn’t really work very well. Again, notice any sexually magnetic man or woman. Do they have an on/off button?

Of course not. The magnetism is always there, regardless of who they attract. And they enjoy this attention.

Is this leading on the persons who you are not attracted to? Not at all. It’s simply expressing yourself.

You are now a sexual person, so embody this new part of your personality and be sexual with everyone around you. You want to expand and share this energy.

The same way, you’re not going to dress down because someone you don’t really want will be attracted to you. That will be silly.

Manage the situations as they come, but NEVER block your sexual energy. Always accept whatever attraction comes your way.

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