Should you become a stripper?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Do male stripper performers are aware of tension energy and sexual energy without the need of any esoteric practice?”

These energies that we work with in Charisma School are natural energies of the human body. We all have them and can use them without anything else. Tension energy and sexual energy are used by all of us in our everyday life without ever having made one exercise or training for it.

Some people are so good at using them that they become magnetic.

Those are the lucky ones. Who somehow were born with it or could unconsciously achieve it during their developmental years.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those. So I had to learn what magnetism is and how to develop it with specific practices.

So these “esoteric practices” are only a means to an end. It’s only a way to connect to these energies inside of us and use them for specific purposes. They are by no means the only way.

If you naturally already have magnetism, then none of it is necessary. Or if you train differently to develop and project this energy.

Male or female strippers are the same in this matter.

If you train to become a (good) male or female stripper, you’ll inevitably learn how to project sexual energy – there’s no way around that since that’s your job.

They may not have the energy awareness you can develop with these practices. Still, they have the end result: knowing how to project sexual energy.

If you only care about the end result of being able to attract others, then it can work very well. They learned it through live trial and error and their dancing practices where the most critical thought is: how can I arouse women/men? If that is the primary thought in your mind and all your behaviors are optimized for it, then you will undoubtedly reach a solid sexual magnetism.

With that said, I doubt many men or women want (or have the ability/body/purpose) to become strippers, so energy awareness is the best method I’m personally aware of developing it.

With it, you naturally understand and become aware of how sexual energy manifests in your body, how you are wasting it away, and how you can project it to the outside. Without having to shift careers!

To develop your sexual magnetism, start with the course:
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