Should you give in to your sexual desires?

On the previous email I wrote about how repression of your sexual energy can be as dangerous as a wild bull in a fine porcelain shop.

The road is not repression or avoidance of your sexual energy. Instead it’s about acceptance.

But it’s important to get something clear.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving in. It doesn’t mean to fulfill all your sexual desires regardless of the cost.

It means to recognize it and accept its internal energy manifestation. This you can (and should do) without any type of restriction.

What you feel inside must become conscious.

These internal energy manifestations are the main culprit that will influence all your behavior, so it’s important that you recognize them.

Once you become aware and allow them to flow inside, without restrictions, they lose much of the power over you.

Restriction and suppression give them a very large power over yourself. Acceptance and flow do not.

But why does it happen? Why does restriction creates these problems?

It’s easy to understand if you imagine what happens when a water pipe gets clogged. The water that was used to keep flowing, now finds a barrier – a restriction to its flow.

Its nature is to keep flowing and now something is preventing it. So it has to find an alternative means to flow, which is often not what is best for you – or the house – but since its main circulation method is now impossible due to the clog, it finds a different way.

Eventually it will flood your house if you don’t unclog it.

Your energy is like this water. It wants and needs to circulate. It can’t stay stagnant – when it stays stagnant it turns into a swamp. So this is not really a great alternative.

If you prevent a healthy energy circulation – due to repression and avoidance – it finds a different circulation route. One that is often not good for you.

It can lead to anxiety, shyness, anger, depression, negative behaviors, physical illnesses and so on.

You can easily avoid it by allowing it to freely circulate inside.

It doesn’t mean to ACT on it. It means to work on it internally.

Then you may decide on healthy outward expressions for it. In other words, you can channel it to what you decide.

It’s like you unclog your pipe and fix the underlying piping structure to place a water faucet wherever you want.

That’s working and mastering sexual energy!

This is the work we do in Sexual Energy Mastery. You become aware of your sexual energy movements and learn to work with its internal structure so that you can find a flow that works for you, whether it is for creating sexual magnetism (being sexually attractive) or to simply transmute this energy to a different outlet.

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