Sources of Personal Magnetism

Some people believe that we should place the only source of personal magnetism and charisma in the biological domain. They believe that’s the only thing that matters. If you weren’t born with it, though luck!

A perfectly built and healthy body, good endurance, perfect metabolism, strong jaw and so on.

This helps without a doubt. Certain forms of attraction rely solely on this physical power.

Yet, there are individuals who have a weak organism and a feeble appearance yet they rule over those with stronger and more fit bodies. Those who can do this, have a superior mind, even if their body doesn’t help!

Other people have insisted that the only source of personal magnetism is exterior: body language, tonality, rhetoric, empathy and so on.

And like the above… it helps, but it’s not enough or the only source of personal magnetism. We can certainly find examples of charismatic and magnetic people who don’t even know the meaning of the word empathy and are deprived of all of the good human feelings, yet, have the ability to influence thousands of people.

We need to admit that physical appearance, sociability, empathy, body language and the like are precious elements of personal magnetism, yet, there’s one which trumps them all.

With that one source of personal magnetism you can overrule those with superior body and looks, with perfect speaking skills, and great empathy…

The biggest source of personal magnetism is in your inner and energetic life, in the vitality of your mind and development of tension energy both in mind and body. And this is not dependent on ANYTHING you might or might not have been born with!

Underneath a weak and feeble physical appearance, you can find someone with a very strong influential and magnetic power.

This is only up to you to develop! Personal Magnetism and Charisma is now something you can train!

Start your charisma journey to a new Charismatic YOU with the “10 Steps to Inner Power” training:

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