Spirituality and Energy Work

As you probably know by now, energy plays a big role in charisma and personal magnetism.But it’s not just about cultivating energy inside, like you do in spiritual practices. You also use this energy for the external world.

That’s the difference between spiritual practices and the work we do in Charisma School: we use the energy to affect the external world and not solely for spiritual states.

It’s not that spiritual states are not important.

It all depends on your goals and the moment of your life. Not everyone is interested in cultivate highly ecstatic states when they don’t know where their next paycheck will come from or when their social life is falling apart.

So we focus on using this energy to fix and influence the external world – the social, romantic, sexual, work, money – part of yourself.

Spirituality often tends to be disconnected from the real world. It’s obviously a wrong way to approach it since true spirituality must be completely in tune with everything around you.

With the Charisma School approach, we join the energy cultivation and mind training often
done in spiritual circles, but we adapt it to the real world and in getting the benefits you’re seeking.

Fortunately, with the knowledge, practice and tools you gain in Charisma School, even if you want to dive deep into your spiritual self later down the line, it will be much easier since this energy part of you is already well developed.

You just need to change your focus!

Start the Personal Magnetism path with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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