Step by step magnetic training

I know you want to have personal – or sexual – magnetism, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. You recognize the advantages it can bring to your life and you are invested in training it.

And it’s something you wanted… yesterday!

As soon as possible, as opposed to a long time into the future.

That’s perfectly normal. I was the same; we all are.

The problem is that when thinking this way, you are constantly wondering if you are magnetic or not.

It’s the binary thinking yes or no we talked last week.

“How do I feel today? Not yet magnetic.” – and the same dialogue repeats every day.

If you don’t feel this bit magnetic power inside a few days or weeks in a row, desperation is quick to set it.

But that’s the wrong focus and the wrong dialogue.

Personal magnetism is always a step by step training.

It’s one small victory at a time. One small change at a time.

It’s one small thing you change today, another small thing tomorrow, and so on… it’s not something you change all at once.

Little victories as opposed to one big win.

That’s why many of our courses are organized in steps. Little things you change, not a large one.

This week you work on a certain aspect of yourself, next week you work on another. You develop different skills, fix problems and bring other issues to light, always one step a time.

Think of your magnetism growing in a continuum – like a volume lever – , as opposed to a button that is either on or off.

When you think of it in a continuum, you’re bound to feel it growing on a daily or weekly basis. You’ll be more magnetic this month than in the last month. Even if it’s a small change, but it doesn’t matter – it’s growth.

And, one day, you’ll wake up and that “magnetic button” you thought of before will be always on, as opposed to off.

But the path to get there, was one step at a time.

Start with your one step today with the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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