A student wrote me:

“I have too many stupid triggers messing with my magnetism.”

Yes you have. But you’re not alone.

You, me and pretty much everyone else.

Most triggers are indeed “stupid” because you logically know how ridiculous they are. You know that you “shouldn’t” give importance to these type of things, yet you still do.

You rationally know you shouldn’t care about other people think, then why are you nervous on some public speaking event or at some party?

You rationally know that your life is not dependent upon that particular girl saying yes to your date request, yet, you’re still nervous asking her out.

I remember a very wealthy client who once told me: “I know I could buy every single one of those persons in that party 10 times over, yet I was still nervous entering there”.

It’s not about logic or your rational mind. That’s why most of them are “stupid”.

Why would you be nervous going to a party? Or public speaking? Or asking someone on a date?

Because it’s about your energy, emotions and bodily reactions. Not your logical mind.

For some reason of your past, your body and energy became conditioned to stop the healthy flow of energy. To block it. And you can notice it in your body. Maybe your heart was pounding. Or your stomach got tight. Or your shoulders tensed up.

So a block was created. Repeat the same situation and the same block a few more times…and this block sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Like this particular block, hundreds of others were created. The more you have and the more ingrained they are, the more negative you feel on your day to day life.

It transforms from a sporadic anxious situation, to frequent bad and negative feelings.

That’s why we created The Unblocking Process. A new Charisma School training focused on permanently dissolving the blocks that are preventing you from being free of the negative feelings and unleashing your true self into the world.

It will be released in two days: January 23rd!

More details soon.