Such is a life with Personal Magnetism

Studying the Magnetic Gaze and Personal Magnetism with Fabricio has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.Transforming a shy young boy who was always lost inside his mind and his books, to a charismatic adult with the ability to attract, influence and to speak to any crowd, is definitely a life changing event.

(Even though I still devour books!)

And it definitely wasn’t easy. I wish it was as easy as taking a pill, but it wasn’t. It took some work.

Yet, it was an investment that paid his dividends many times over. Investing in yourself, in increasing your Personal Magnetism and your ability to influence is NEVER a bad deal.

I can’t begin to tell you how many opportunities appeared in my life because of getting out of my comfort zone and developing Personal Magnetism.

When you have the ability to project your qualities outward, to really make an impact on others around you, life instantly becomes very different.

Others around you start looking at you in a whole different light. It’s like they see you as a different person.

I won’t lie to you, at the beginning it’s very weird to get the attention. To have people to actually listen to you, hanging at your every word. Especially if you were ultra-shy like me before.

But it was well worth it… especially when you start to influence others and finally making your goals a reality.

It’s one of the greatest advantages you can have in your life.

In the university, it was quite interesting to “charm” my way out of sticky situations (Some other time, I’ll tell you about how I saved my friend of being kicked out of the university simply by talking and using the Magnetic Gaze influence)

Later on, as I started to work, now with this skill, I’m fortunate enough to say that I never really got any problems in finding work and new projects to work on and make a decent living.

Somehow, everything just falls into place.

Such is a life with Personal Magnetism.

There’s hardly a better investment than to learn Personal Magnetism, influence, charisma, not to mention the ability to control your mind and your own state.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you an actual story of my training with Fabricio with the Magnetic Gaze.

Whenever you are ready to really start to change, start with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations, here:

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