Talking in casual social situations

Here’s an intriguing question from a student:

“I noticed I seem to find it easier to talk to close friends or my husband but I find it extremely difficult to communicate with acquaintances, especially those I see regularly. What could be some of the causes?”

We’re all usually comfortable talking with close friends and spouses. At least, that’s the norm unless there are specific issues in those relationships.

Close friends and partners typically know us from a more intimate perspective, so our barriers are much lower.

It’s as if we can truly be ourselves with that select group of people, sometimes just one or two individuals. Regardless, we know they accept us as we are.

Conversely, interactions with acquaintances or in casual social settings tend to be more challenging because we don’t really know them, and they don’t know us intimately. Therefore, we often maintain social restrictions and wear a mask that we wouldn’t with close friends.

It’s like adding layers of protection between ourselves and the outside world. As we become more comfortable with acquaintances, these layers tend to diminish—or at least, that’s the ideal scenario.

As a general rule, the harder it is to talk with acquaintances, the more significant the barriers and masks we put up.

Naturally, this can affect our magnetism because the more barriers we have, the less our energy can shine through.

It’s important to recognize that sometimes these barriers persist even in close relationships, not just in casual social situations. Many of them are unconscious, driven by a need to keep these masks and layers between ourselves and the external world. Unblocking them is the single most significant step toward improving our magnetism.

That’s what we do in the course:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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