Technique-Free Charisma

By reading through these emails and going over some courses, you may get the idea that Personal Magnetism, Charisma and Inner power are just a bunch of techniques and exercises you have to apply.

But that would be a wrong idea.

You can’t stitch together a bunch of techniques and become magnetic. Whether these are energetic techniques or “simple” body language or communication techniques, it’s all the same.

Becoming charismatic and magnetic is a lifestyle. It’s a change in your personality and ingrained habits.
A change in your personal energy and vibration.

You can’t continue to have the same kind of mental and energetic habits and become charismatic (considering you aren’t already).

No! A profound change needs to happen.

The exercises and techniques are only there to facilitate this change. In other words, you must understand the rationale and needed energy shift behind the exercises you are doing or techniques you are applying.

Although these are explained in the trainings, you still need to integrate them in your life.

Sometimes, doing it alone can be hard with all the techniques, but fortunately you can always email me to further improve your understanding of what you are doing.

The question to reflect on is: how does a specific exercise/technique/practice integrates into your life? What needs to change in you to fully integrate it?

It’s not enough to blindly follow a training program. Any of them. This is the same on any type of course or training program, regardless of the field you are into.

Without this understanding and integration, the exercises won’t mean much to you. You can think of them as training wheels. They are excellent to use, until you actually learn how to do it for yourself. Until you integrate the magnetic habits in your own life.

This moment, you can reach a point of technique-free magnetic lifestyle.

That’s our goal.

Start your magnetic journey with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training program:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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