Tension Energy Training

I’ve received an interesting question about tension energy:

“Hello, I read about tension energy but I doubt that by increasing the tension of your muscles very very slowly build some type energy in you. Can you please provide an explanation?”

It’s important to clear a few misconceptions here. It’s not just about slowly increasing the tension of your muscles. It’s about the gradual, CONSCIOUS tensing AND relaxation of the muscles.

You may think that it doesn’t do much. After all, you may even think about going to the gym and the inevitable tensing and releasing that you do in there.

But that’s something completely different.

First, in the gym, you are not gradually tensing and releasing but immediately tensing and releasing. You pick up a weight and put it down. Although it can be somewhat slower, it’s still much faster than needed for tension energy development.

Secondly, there’s no awareness there. There’s an unconscious discharge of energy. That’s why you feel more relaxed after physical exercise. Indeed, it works well for releasing stress.

But, when you do the tension energy exercises correctly (and correctly, it’s the right word here!), you develop a readiness for action.

You are giving yourself activating energy while letting go of the unconscious negative tension (also called stress) that predominates in your muscles. That’s the double benefit of its practice.

That’s why it needs to be a GRADUAL and very much CONSCIOUS tension and release of the muscles – rather than simply doing it for the sake of doing it.

We go in-depth into the development of this tension energy in the course:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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