Tension Energy

In Charisma School we give a big importance to Tension Energy.

Many of our training courses have a section devoted to it, although the Magnetic Gaze courses explores this energetic component much more deeply than all the rest.

You see, Tension Energy is a part of the source of all life. Remember that, our vital energy flows through our nervous system.

This complex structure consists of millions of cells which act as reservoirs of Tension Energy. Every organ works incessantly to keep the supply of Tension Energy in these cells at a high level.

But how does this affects us on an everyday life?

When fully supplied with this tension energy we are enthusiastic, happy, fit and ambitions. We overcome difficulties and are ready to accept challenges that life offers.

Your health, strength, vitality and endurance are directly measured by the degree of your Tension Energy. It gives you the reserve power that makes life successful and fascinating.

The world if full of people with the brains and ability to rise to the top, but who lack the necessary Tension Energy to push them forward.

A person’s beauty, charm, charisma are directly related to this Tension Energy that makes them sparkle with radiant vitality.

There’s no magic in the training of the Tension Energy in yourself. There are specific exercises to develop it, as well as fixing energetic leaks that are draining you of energy.

To start developing your Tension Energy, start with our Magnetic Gaze course that is designed to give you a very good development on the Tension Energy and of course to develop powerful eyes.

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