Testosterone and Energy Levels

Here’s a question from a Charisma School student:“I don’t know if you can answer this but I’ll give it a shot. For a man in his forties will too much ejaculation lower testosterone levels?”The last time I heavily researched this was a few years ago, and the scientific answer was negative. Ejaculation doesn’t lower testosterone levels regardless of the age.

(But don’t take this as godspell, it was just the general scientific consensus of a few years back)

Yet, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect on your own overall energy levels. Testosterone is an important hormone but it’s not the representation of your sexual energy. As far as I’m aware, there are no blood tests that can correctly identify your sexual energy.

So, whether ejaculation lowers or not your testosterone levels, is not of significant importance to the overall sexual energy.

The better question is: does ejaculation lowers your sexual energy levels?

And this, the question is yes. Don’t take my word for it, taoists have been saying this for thousands of years.

There’s a very easy way to understand this. After ejaculation, do you have any motivation whatsoever to go out for pickup any women? For seduction? Especially for men in the forties, one single ejaculation is a much bigger drain of energy than the same for men in their twenties.

Yet, just because this happens, it doesn’t mean ejaculation is the root of all evils and the reason why your sexual energy is low.

There are fundamental physical, mental and energetic blocks that are stopping your sexual energy to flourish. Ejaculation is not a big issue – unless it’s too too frequent. But there are much more important issues. We talk in depth about it in the Sexual Magnetism and Sexual Energy Mastery course.

There are plenty of things that also lower your energy levels (like nutrition, sleep, activities, stress, mind, energy blocks, etc), yet, ejaculation gets all the heat.

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