The 2 pressing problems in feeling energy

Feeling energy is not as hard as you may think. Other books or teachings may make it seem like it’s some weird, mysterious thing, but it’s not. In fact, energy is constantly circulating in your body, 24 hours a day.
And it’s not that hard to feel it.
You just need to practice feeling it. It’s like a baby learning how to walk. The baby needs to learn the different aspects of muscle control before he can walk or use precise tools.
The difficulties and problems related to feeling energy are mostly for two reasons:
1) Lack of awareness/practice: if you don’t practice with exercises like the ones on the Vitality and Energy Training, then it’s quite hard to feel it.
You need the correct practice – and also important – going deeply with the correct practice. Without it, you may only be with the superficial layers of energy and never go deep enough.
You need the mindset of an explorer exploring an uncharted terrain. What’s happening? Where? How? Why? And so on. Asking questions and going deeper into your practice is a sure bet to make sure you have a great awareness.
2) Mental noise: the second aspect is the one we call of mental noise. It’s when your mind interferes with your feeling ability. You may lose patience as you’re doing the exercise, you may discard important internal information (“This is not important”, “this is irrelevant”, etc), you may lose focus and concentration, ego issues (“I’m already good at it”, “I’ll never be able to do it”), among many other issues.
Mental noise prevents you from actually feeling something (or going deeper). And this is only related to your mind, inner voice, inner power.
Feeling energy is not about your mind. It’s something else. It’s feeling. You are connecting with your energy body.
Without some control over it as we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power, you’ll keep sabotaging yourself with this type of mental noise.

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