The 3 seconds rule

It doesn’t take much to realize magnetism is a real phenomenon. You don’t even need to be very energetically aware to feel magnetism.

Just think about how good you feel with certain people even if you just met them and how with others, with just a look, it’s enough to realize that you don’t like that person.

Often, this is unconscious, but a minor 3-second look at someone is enough to understand whether you like them or not, whether you feel good with them or not, whether they can be your lover or not.

A 3-second look at someone gives us more information about someone than we may think. Then, our rational mind starts slowly deducting reasons for our feelings.

Probably, you didn’t like someone as soon as you laid your eyes on this person. Yet, since your rational mind has nothing objective about this person, it will seek out for reasons.

So, little by little, you’ll find them.

It’s straightforward to start to understand this: whenever you meet someone new, for the first time, right when you first look at that person, ask yourself silently: “Do I like this person?” – and notice the first answer that comes to mind, no time for rational thinking – if you enter into a logical and rational internal debate then this is lost – you want the first, genuine feeling.

You’ll inevitably understand quite well what this person’s magnetism elicits in you. It doesn’t mean that this person is a good person or a bad person, but it tells you something about their magnetism, atmosphere, and energetic quality they are exuding.

So the magnetism of someone in itself is almost often – unless you have a good energy awareness – completely unconscious. Still, it has a very concrete reaction in you. It’s mainly in the level of feelings – the magnetism elicits a certain feeling in you – and the rational mind catches up later.

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