The 7 Sources of Personal Magnetism

On the Personal Magnetism training course we cover the 7 Sources of Personal Magnetism. These are the tools which you use to project your energy and magnetism and interact with the world.And they are are: Gaze, Voice, Touch, Movement, Personal Space, Face and Thoughts/Feelings.

They are all used to project your magnetism. And they are as important as Inner Power.

If Inner Power is the fertile ground upon which magnetism can blossom, the 7 Sources of Personal Magnetism are the like the colors, textures and smells of beautiful flowers that fascinate and radiate us.

And while by developing Inner Power you indirectly develop some of these sources, by working on them
directly you can grow them into further heights.

On the training course you work with them, one by one, assessing how they stand in your current
situation and developing them to be able to project larger quantities of energy and magnetism.

The more magnetism they can handle, and the more you can manipulate and use this magnetism, the more projection capability you can have.

In other words, your influential ability increases a good deal, since you are then able to mold energy like clay in the perception of others.

You can get more information and training on these 7 Sources of Personal Magnetism in here:

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