The Benefits of Awareness

Awareness may seem useless or unimportant, somewhat of a buzzkill.

No one truly wants to develop awareness. Maybe you want to send blue lightning out of your eyes or kill chickens with your energy; awareness is definitely on the low list of priorities.

Yet, you can only evolve in energy work with awareness since its growth requires it.

It’s easy to understand why this happens. A baby won’t walk without being aware of how his/her legs are moving; the same happens with fine hand movements.

You start with no awareness no control over your limbs, and by trial and error, you end up controlling them very well.

Little by little, you learn how to hold a pencil, pen, fork, toothbrush, write very well, and so on.

All this is done through awareness; you become aware of the different movements of your limbs.

The same thing happens with your energy. You must be aware of it and try to use it through trial and error to achieve subtle control of it. The energy will still move inside you, but you won’t control it.

Awareness = Control

If you know your energy and try to use it like a baby attempts to use his legs and hands, you can achieve control over it and use it as you see fit.

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