The biggest enemy of magnetism

One of the biggest enemies of personal magnetism is neutrality.

Being neutral means that your energy is not affecting in any way the energy of others (or it’s weakly effecting it).

You are simply a “neutral” person that other people don’t have much of an opinion of.

They are not attracted, but they are not repulsed either. They are simply disinterested.

So it’s not like you project a repulsive type of energy that sends other people away. You simply are not projecting and are as magnetic as a common plastic wallflower.

It’s definitely not a good place to be since it’s hard to create meaningful connections – on any level.

This neutrality of energy usually happens when you are closed down. It’s like your energy is not allowed to go out.

You are contracting your energy.

Hence, you are not expressing what you are and what you are feeling. It’s like you are constantly on emergency protection mode.

Everything outside is threatening.

You usually see this in shy individuals who are constantly contracted on social situations.

There’s a very specific contracted energy feeling:

Your heart energy center is closed down, your whole chest seems directed inward instead of outward (energetically but not necessarily on the muscular level).

Typically, there’s a big energetic block on the chest area.

If you already have some energy awareness, you can notice it on the different social situations. Notice how the chest seems to energetically shrink in and contract.

It doesn’t matter if you pull your chest out muscularly. That’s not the point – even if can help a bit. Mostly you need to do it energetically.

You also need to regulate your mental state. Usually your mental state will also feel the same way. Contracted and internal.

Instead of expansive and external, as all social situations require.

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue and it’s stopping many individuals from achieving what they want in life.

You work on many of these different blocks on The Unblocking Process. The chest has specific sessions built into it, as well as the remaining energy centers.

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