The Bright Eyes and the Magnetic Gaze

Your eyes can transmit a bigger or a lesser vitality to the outside world.You can usually see the quality of someone’s energy in the eyes of a person. Those less healthy, less vibrant, less energetic, less powerful have a very weak glow.

They have eyes which don’t attract and don’t influence.

Just look around you.

I’m sure you can find plenty of examples of people like this.

Become more attentive to people’s eyes and you’ll learn a lot about their inner life and inner energy.

You’ll also see a different quality of persons.

There are those with eyes that seem VITAL and ALIVE. They transmit their inner energy through the gaze.

These persons tend to have a natural capacity to influence and a good personal magnetism. But don’t take my word for it. This is very easily proven.

Just watch the eyes and gaze of those around you.

And yes, it can happen without any formal training. But for those of us not lucky enough to have been
born with these kind of vital energy and powerful inner life, we need a structured training.

In the past, we recorded a free exercise to improve your eye brightness, glow and power. You can watch
it here:

In the Magnetic Gaze series, there are, of course, much more and more detailed exercises as well as a systematic curriculum that teaches you to use your eye power in an efficient and powerful way.

Start your Magnetic Gaze path with Level 1 Foundations:

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