The Charisma School Method

Unlike what may seem like, the goal is not to follow the “Charisma School Method.” The goal is not to create a closed, registered method that is somehow a miracle cure for humankind.

The most important aspect of what we aim to teach is that you become aware of what’s happening inside your body, mind, and energy.

By understanding what happens inside yourself, you can notice what’s happening and how it stops your magnetism from coming forward.

Magnetism is not rocket science. You don’t need a PhD to understand it and develop it. It’s not complicated – even if it’s not easy.

The problem won’t be in understanding the theory. It’s in developing the necessary awareness of your actions to stop the magnetism from manifesting in you.

We may often want to change something, but we must know how.

You know you get anxious talking with someone and don’t want to, yet you don’t know how to stop it. So you need to understand this anxiety – how it rises, manifests inside of you, what blocks it brings up, and so on.

Or you are repelling people, yet you don’t know why. So you need to understand your energy quality – how your energy is, what it feels like, how different it is from what you need, and so on.

That’s why we can’t really create a “method”. The method is in the awareness. We know the end goal: energy flow and magnetism inside and outside. But the way to get there can differ from person to person.

The more aware you are of what’s happening inside your body, mind, and energy, the more you’ll understand what’s stopping it.

That’s why we have courses like Vitality and Energy Training and Advanced Energy Science; the more your awareness increases, the easier it will be to become magnetic.

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