The continuous stream of energy

A common issue that prevents all magnetism from flowing outward is neediness.

Neediness makes your energy contract; it makes you an “energy vampire” that wants to steal another person’s energy. And that’s everything but magnetic.

A narcissist, for example, has a different strategy. It gives plenty of energy in the beginning – hence they are often quite magnetic when you first meet them – only to steal everything away later. So they are energy vampires the same way, but most likely, it will be hard to recognize them early on – unless you are already trained to know what to look for.

Still, we propose something else. In Charisma School, we suggest sharing your energy all the time. To have a truly abundant mindset and make sure you’re always sharing your energy with others.

This only works if you think of life as a continuous stream of energy.

If you are in a neediness mindset, you feel you are lacking something and need to get it. So the flow of energy stops with you. You get it from others, and it stops there inside of you. You may get it, and you immediately need more.

But when you share, in this type of abundance mindset, you continue with life’s flow of energy. You are receiving it, but you are continuously giving it away, constantly renewing it inside and outside yourself.

You need to understand that the energy is infinite. Just this moment, you can go inside and generate whatever energy you want. If you want sexual energy, you start to feel it, and it’s there.

You don’t need to steal from other people. You already have it.

When you experientially realize this – by actually doing it and not by theorizing -then you have what it takes to be magnetic.

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