The Dangers of Concentration

Last week I shared a video with you with three concentration exercises, you can check it out here: you’ve already worked with some of these exercises and started to become more attentive to your focus during the day.

But one thing that I haven’t mentioned in the video is the power generated by this concentration exercises can also be used for evil.

(insert evil laugh here!)

No, I’m not talking about the influence and mind control you can eventually exert over others, even though that’s a reality of a good concentration power.

I’m talking about a far more dangerous aspect of the concentration powers.

The harm you can inflict to yourself.

Concentration is nothing more than a powerful magnifying glass. This magnifying glass can be pointed to whatever you want.

So let’s say you start exercising your concentration and focus power and you develop quite a good level of it.

What this means is that you now have a powerful magnifying glass. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s an important tool as I keep on repeating, but it’s a tool and not the ultimate end in itself.

If you, at the same time you are developing this concentration, you are also developing thought control,
behavior control, your own inner power… then you’re on a good path.

Yet, if you just train your concentration without developing your inner power, then you run a serious danger of turning this magnifying glass on yourself and worsening your current condition.

If your thoughts are already depressed thoughts, negative mental states, ruminations and anxieties and you are doing nothing to change this… then congratulations, you are now able to turn this magnifying glass onto all these thoughts and states, increasing tenfold their power to harm you and cause you pain.

In short, if you are going to increase and train your concentration, make sure you’re also doing the same with your Inner Power. You sure don’t want to increase the negative states and thoughts even further.

To begin your journey of increasing your Inner Power start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power in here.

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