The Dark Art of Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy is often called a dark art.Because it can influence women (and men) to do things they normally wouldn’t do.

And it’s true, it can have this effect.

But how about those negative persons who are spreading their negativity around making everyone else feel depressed each time they have an interaction?

Are they also practitioners of a dark art?

After all, they are spreading much more negativity in the world than someone with sexual energy.

Those who master sexual energy are actually doing a favour to the world, spreading love and intense sexual feelings, as opposed to some negativity or negative feelings many other people bring.

If it’s a dark (or bright) art depends on the person using it.

If you’re a bad person looking to do harm, then it’s certainly a dark art.

If, on the contrary, you only wish to “spread the love” and attract sexuality to you, then it’s far from being “dark”.

In fact, people will thank you for that. For being a breath of fresh air and someone who can raise others emotions into new heights they never felt before.

Such is the power of sexual energy.

Learn this “bright art” with the training course Sexual Energy Mastery:

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