The development of the Will

William Walker Atkinson wrote:

“Development of the Will is very much like the development of a muscle – a matter of practice and gradual improvement. At first it is apt to be tiresome, but at each trial one grows stronger until the new strength becomes real and permanent.”

The training of the Will is not an easy one. Particularly if you have never done it before and lead a passive life.

If you are constantly at the whims of your mind, if you simply allow what pops into your mind to run the show, then you’re going to have a hard time when you begin your Will training.

I see many people leading this type of life where their Will is only a foreign concept.

They spend most of the day doing what they are told, then their mind sways as easily as a tree branch in a wind.

Modern internet apps are very suitable for these type of minds. How easy it is to spend an hour just playing with some app. They are built precisely to capture your attention.

That’s why Will training is now more relevant and needed than it was in Atkinson’s time. Now there’s a whole army trying to steal our attention and Will from you.

And yes, it will be hard when you start training it. It will demand a large effort and continual attention from your part which is definitely harder than simply laying back and watching netflix.

But then again, what gives you the most odds of succeeding in life and achieving what you truly want? Watching netflix, browsing facebook OR having full control over your mind, body and energy?

Atkinson continues:

“Many of us have made ourselves positive under sudden calls or emergencies. We are in the habit of “bracing up” when occasion demands. But by intelligent practice you will be so much strengthened that your habitual state will be equal to your “bracing up” state now, and then, when you find it necessary to apply the spur you will be able to reach a stage not dreamed of at present”

It’s also common for people to only use the Will when they have an emergency.

You have a deadline for tomorrow at work or school and you haven’t done anything. Now, you use your Will and extreme concentration to keep you focused for enough time until you finish what you have to do.

All of a sudden you are a master of the Will and can put all distractions at bay and simply focus on what you need to do!

What magic is that?

Simple. It’s the magic of having your ass on fire!

When you feel threatened, your mind gives you super powers and all of a sudden you have full control.

It’s like you become alive again, out of zombie mode.

The problem is… the next day after you deliver what you need to deliver, it’s back to zombie mode.

Atkinson – and me – recommend a different alternative. An habitual practice and development of your own Will so that your habitual state is the “deadline” state. Maybe not as intense, but a lot more intense than your habitual zombie mode state.

You’ll be surprised by how much more you can take out of life than you are currently getting!

To start achieving this level of control, start with the training course:
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