The easiest thing to do

Lao Tzu, in its classical treaty Dao De Jing (or Tao Te Ching), wrote:

“Do that which consists in taking no action and order will prevail.”

This is precisely the way we should behave about our energy.

We must be able to let energy flow as it should. That’s the most critical rule of energy work.

Yet, we are forever interfering, correcting, denying, and never leaving the energy to work as it wants.

Nothing could be simpler than this – just do nothing – yet, it’s not so easy.

Interestingly, the easiest thing to do – to do nothing – is also the hardest.

It’s not easy because we have internal blocks, old habits, etc. All these aspects prevent the natural flow of energy.

In what is commonly called anxiety, you’ll see there’s always an energy contraction somewhere in your body (and in most situations, in more than one place).

This prevents energy from circulating, creating a traffic jam. You have an influx of energy (due to a strong emotion), but this energy gets stuck in a place where you contract (often in a vital energy centre). Then, naturally, the energy needs to find an outlet—a way to escape. Hence, the tremors, cold sweats, increased heart rate and so forth.

If you allow that energy to circulate as it should inside, these symptoms won’t happen.

I know this is easier said than done since you aren’t exactly creating these blocks because you want to. It’s an unconscious process. You are just following your natural tendencies and instincts.

That’s why it’s essential to be aware of what’s happening inside so that you can prevent these blocks from being created in the first place.

Then you can re-teach your body to behave in a new way that is not so hazardous to your health. You are retraining your body to allow the energy to flow instead of getting stuck inside.

That’s what we do in our course:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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