The evolution of your training

The exercises we provide in Charisma School are never to be done in an automatic, robotic way – regardless of the exercise.

I know there’s a tendency to do it almost unconsciously, mainly if it’s already easy for you and if you have done it many times before.

It’s normal that it happens. But you must resist this tendency.

The exercises are always done in a mindful, conscious, and aware way.

Even a “simple” exercise like the fixed gaze that we provide in the free Magnetic Gaze course (and it’s a foundational exercise) needs to be done with as much awareness as your current level allows.

Particularly because the more advanced you are in your training (and in your awareness), the more you can get out of this simple exercise (and every other exercise).

For example, someone who just started is often trying to get the mechanics of the exercise correctly. You are trying to ensure the eyes don’t blink for that time and remain fixed on a dot or the third eye.
Everyone goes through this since we all need to get these mechanics right.

In the second phase, you become aware of the minor eye changes. Maybe it’s some visual effects; the eyes have specific unconscious movements, and so on. They are minute changes on a physical level.

In the third phase, after you already have some energy training, maybe you start to be aware of the energy surrounding your eyes. You feel how your eyes become glowing with energy – it’s not just an intellectual or physical understanding. You actually feel the energy rising in the eyes.

In the fourth phase, particularly if you have already trained your Will, you start understanding how your eyes can project energy. You feel the energy projecting outward, only having a rudimentary control over it. The advanced control only comes later after your energy awareness is improved substantially. Your fixed gaze training mainly focuses on controlling the energy being projected out of your eyes.

Now, I could continue with how a “simple” exercise becomes quite advanced. This same thing happens with pretty much ALL of the exercises.

The more awareness you have and the more advanced you are in your training, the more you can take out of the exercises. So, don’t just do them automatically; focus on what your current awareness level allows.

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