The eyes reflect your magnetism

While there are many different sources of magnetism, the eyes are the first to project your own magnetism. They are the first entry point for people to judge your magnetism and how they position themselves in the relationship you are establishing.

They look into your eyes and immediately know whether it will be a sexual relationship, whether you will be dominating or submissive, or whether you have what it takes to do whatever project.

That’s why we place so much emphasis on the Magnetic Gaze.

It’s the best reflection of your magnetism and a perfect entry point.

Once you understand how to develop and project the energy from your eyes, you can use it with any energy.

But of course, it must be an energy you already developed inside.

It’s pretty hard to project a solid sexual magnetism if you don’t even feel sexual energy inside.

First, feel it, develop it inside to a strong level, and then project it.

By developing this strong eye projection power, others will immediately feel everything you want them to feel right from the first time they look at you.

Train the projection of your eyes with the course:
>>> Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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