The fundamental change needed for magnetism

Ouspensky wrote:

“You have to do gigantic work if you want to become different.

How can you ever hope to get anything if you hesitate and argue on the first steps, or don’t even realize the necessity for help, or become suspicious and negative?

If you want to work seriously you have to conquer many things in yourself.

You cannot carry with yourself your prejudices, your fixed opinions, your personal identifications or animosities.”

As I’ve often wrote before, changing yourself, your own magnetism and energy, requires a change in your identity.

It doesn’t take a big stretch of thinking to understand that.

You can’t keep believing, thinking and feeling everything the exact same. Otherwise, there will be no change and everything remains equal.

If you aren’t already magnetic, then a change in yourself is necessary.

More important than that, you want to FEEL different.

What you feel inside of yourself, what you always identify as “your self”, needs to change.

It’s not just a belief as in “Sure, I believe in this energy stuff, now give me my magnetism”. No, it’s much more than that.

For example, if you are constantly feeling negative, you won’t develop much personal magnetism or sexual magnetism.

As you’ve seen before, particularly in the case of sexual magnetism, if you want to have sex you need to be sexual.

It means, you need to feel sexual inside of yourself. Which is different than anything else.

That’s one of the main principles of any type of magnetism. You will attract what you are.

If you are sexual, you will attract sex.

If you are happy, you will attract happiness.

If you are compassionate, you will attract compassion.

More often than not, we are a mix of these several different aspects of energy. But what you feel the majority of the time, will be your main projection and what you will attract the most.

Hence, a change to yourself, your beliefs, your identity, your energy will be fundamental if you want to change your own magnetism.

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