The fundamental energy of LIFE

Sexual energy is a fundamental energy of your energy system. You only need to think for a few minutes to understand it.

Sexual energy is the energy that gives an impulse to LIFE. There would be no life without the physical act of sex. And no sex without the impulse to have sex – hence, sexual energy.

Just reflect on the enormous importance sexual energy has.

The problem is that we don’t see and feel it as it is. Instead, we develop flawed views and feelings during our life. As a result, the way we feel sexual energy – and sex – has become polluted.

What we generally feel is not “pure” sexual energy; instead, it’s our modified version of it. This means that what you feel as sexual energy differs from what I and others feel. We only feel a polluted version of it.

This was created not only by all its commercial and marketing aspects – although that’s also a significant factor – but also by our upbringing, relationships, and events since we were born.

It became a MENTAL sexuality. Sexuality is polluted by our mental concepts, beliefs, and energetic blocks.

Just imagine, for a second, you can be free of your attachments, negative beliefs, and blocks currently associated with sexual energy. What would be left?

You would get pure sexual energy. One that is magnetic and expansive, free (or at least as free as possible) from our mental conceptions and energetic blocks.

When we connect with it, we connect to the true source of life. Sexual magnetism becomes just a side effect of this.

You can do this “cleansing” with the course:
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