The gentle whisper of your purpose

Last week, I shared a quote by William Walker Atkinson that highlighted the belief in a Universal Will—a higher power gently guiding you towards fulfillment, destiny, and your purpose here.

An essential aspect is encapsulated in this statement:

“The Law will open the door to you but will not push you in.”

This means that you always retain free will. The Universal Will respects your autonomy and freedom. It might offer a subtle nudge in the right direction—a mere whisper, not an order or command.

This is hard to understand since we barely listen to what’s happening inside of us.

If we don’t genuinely listen to our energy, to our body, it’s quite hard to understand anything. Not even what’s right in front of us.

This is why we emphasize the significance of energy awareness. It’s not only vital for developing any kind of magnetism you seek but also instrumental in understanding your life’s path and purpose.

In these types of exercises, you’ll learn to open your body and energy to what’s present, without resistance or blocking.

Without this openness to the energy and what it has to convey, the gentle whispers will continually elude you.

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