The importance of daily life

In magnetism, what matters most is your daily life, the results you are getting, and the events happening.

When training magnetism, after a certain level, you begin to understand precisely what you need to train… if only you are paying attention to it in your daily life.

Magnetism is not about just doing a bunch of exercises at home and expecting all the changes on the outside.

No, the exercises at home give you enough awareness to understand the problems you face on the outside.

If you forget about everything once you set foot out the door, the exercises will be useless.

What matters is understanding what is happening in your daily life so that you can focus much more on those aspects.

Let’s say you went to a party and were disappointed with your results from that party. Rather than complain nothing is working, you can reflect and become aware of what is happening.

For instance, even before you walked into the party, you noticed your inner power decreasing with negative self-talk. Likewise, before you entered the party, you felt your energy contracting, particularly in your chest area.

Of course, the rest of the party will have only the negative consequences of those events.

Now you know what to focus on: negative inner talk and contracting chest energy. You can practice specifically those two aspects for next time.

When those are fixed, you’ll most likely uncover the next layer that reduces your magnetism. So it’s time to handle that.

And so forth, until your magnetism is exactly what you want it to be.

Of course, you can only know what’s wrong if you are aware of the mind, body, and energy – which is what you get during the exercises.

This is a simplified example, but the process always goes like this. First, gain awareness through the exercises to understand your deeper issues during your daily life, and then focus on those.

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