The importance of the Will Training

We have often talked about training your Will. Yet, let’s make one thing very clear:No mere practice will develop Will per se. Will exists forever, fully developed in itself. It’s our own inner
most power.We can’t train to develop it. But practice will develop in us the power to call on that Will which is ours.

Why should you care about this?

What you want is being magnetic and be able to influence others.

Who cares about the Will?

Well you should care.

The Will is what allows you to have that deep inner power that raises you from the normal, zombie like individual to a magnetic individual.

It’s the strongest element of personal magnetism, yet the harder to connect to and develop.

We can train our energy, our gaze, our breathing, our concentration… yet, there must be the Will connecting all of this. That’s why on the Magnetic Gaze training, there are many specific lessons and exercises on the Will and on the 10 Steps to Inner Power, although we don’t approach directly, we certainly focus on it during the whole training.

If energy training alone was enough to develop magnetism all qigong practitioners and yoga enthusiasts would be the most magnetic individuals in the world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve met my fair share of them, and while some are magnetic, the vast majority are not.

Yet, if we have this energy training under our belt and we happen to come across some aspect of the Will training, then magic can happen!

That’s exactly what we do on the Magnetic Gaze training, develop your energy, Will, and gaze!

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations:

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