The insufficient approach to exercises

Very often, students have a wrong or insufficient approach to exercises. It’s not like 20m a day of exercises will do much if you ignore your experiences for the rest 23h40m of your day.

Those 20m a day – or close to it – make you aware of a different reality.

They may make you realize the blocks you feel inside, your energy moving, or your mental state.

Either way, it’s an understanding, an awareness of your internal processes, regardless if you are doing an energy-increasing exercise or a concentration one.

Then during your day, you can bring these findings to your day.

For example, 20m of concentration exercises will only be helpful if you take what you got from them and use it for the rest of the day.

Then, it is necessary to understand your mental processes during the exercise so that you can correct them during your day.

By noticing how distractions happen, the energy associated with them, and how you usually handle them, you will be well-equipped for a more focused day.

The same thing happens in any energy exercise. You notice how your energy is moving, particularly where it is not, so you can immediately identify your blocks and be aware of them during your day, ensuring the energy is moving there.

Little by little, the previous way your body, energy, and mind worked starts to shift to a new way.

It’s never about perfection since you don’t need (nor will you have) perfect awareness of everything immediately.

It’s also not about a few days doing it highly motivated while stopping after a week. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Moderate efforts during a more extended period of time will make you improve much more than a sprint during a week.

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