The last day of 2020!

Today is the last day of a surprising year.

In the beginning of this year no one would guess this turn of events.

Who would have known about the constant lockdowns that happened all across the world?

Or the almost full halt of several complete industries.

And in the micro-scale of our personal lives, a break or 180º change in many of our routines.

Even something as simple as going to the gym was a challenge for a few months. And it still is in many countries.

For sure many of your objectives were put on a standby – just like mine.

We had to adapt many of the plans we had and change our goals on the spot so that we can take advantage of this new reality that set upon us.

This isn’t the time to try to force your plans in a world that’s no longer the same. But instead it’s the time to adapt to a new reality.

It’s the time of the skillful Will… to use the Will to skilfully navigate in uncertain waters instead of trying to use Will power and plough through against the whole world.

Resilience and adaptation were important skills to develop during this year and most likely will continue to be during 2021.

2020 caught you by surprise, but now that you know what can happen, you can plan accordingly.

That’s for sure what I’m doing today as I always do on my “end of the year ritual”. You can read more here and here.

Of course this year, I’ll be quite gentle with myself on the review of this past year. Some objectives weren’t accomplished due to external events, but others were. And new ones were added during the year.

And now I can certainly expand on what to accomplish during 2021 – taking all the craziness of the world into consideration.

It’s very easy to just say: “I’ll wait it out until the Covid-19 pandemic ends!”. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, I prefer to take advantage of what can actually be done at this moment – which is still a lot.

Adjust your objectives to the new reality and continue your evolution!

Have a great 2021!

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