The Law of Growth

Here’s an interesting quote from Raymond Holliwell:

“The mind force is creating continually like fertile soil. Nature does not differentiate between the seed of a weed and that of a flower. She produces and causes both seeds to grow.

The same energy is used for both, and so it is with the mind. The mind creates either good or bad. Your ideas determine which is to be created.

A farmer who lived in Nebraska and had come from a small farm in Pennsylvania years before, never could adjust himself to using the binder, a machine that cut and bound grain.

He had been accustomed to the old hand cradle and tied his grain by hand. Repeatedly he said to his friends: “That binder will get me yet.” He was afraid every time he climbed upon its seat.

One day while I was there his horses ran away with him and he was thrown over the reel into the machinery. His fears came upon him. It took just a few years to bring into reality the fears that he subconsciously had entertained and accepted.

Our fears can do so much to us that we should be most careful what we fear and worry about. Years ago, when the flu epidemic was raging throughout this country and many were dying from the plague, a newspaper published an item of interest.

In bold letters the heading read: Do Not Fear The Flu.

It was the caption of an article written by a local doctor who explained that fear was the greatest enemy of mankind, and that it would have a tendency to break down a person’s mental resistance and make him more susceptible to the disease.

The world is realizing more and more that we dare not entertain in our minds any fear lest it come upon us.

Whatever we think in our minds must grow.

Why do you suppose the farmer goes out to weed his garden and works tediously to eliminate every weed?

Because he knows that if he does not clean out the weeds they will grow stronger and tougher and choke out his crop.

If some condition handicaps us, perhaps a weed that must be plucked out, it is important to know that the condition is the effect that we see; it is not the true cause that we see. Dig down deep into the mental storehouse and find out what is that cause.

If we cannot discern it, there are others who can.

Then weed out the cause by replacing it with the right kind of thought. That is, if it is fear, replace it with courage. If it is a disease thought, replace it with a healthy thought. If it is a limited thought, think thoughts of plenty. Force some issue whereby we alter or change the trend of the thought. Then as we replace the thoughts that are as weeds, they will die of their natural selves, for such weeds die from lack of cultivation.

As long as we allow things to seem real to us, we are putting our energy into it. We are nurturing it; we are feeding it; we are keeping it alive; we are putting our faith into that thing, whether we like it or not, and it must naturally grow, for the law of growth is ever working to produce whatever seed we plant.”

It’s a (very) important lesson from those who know how to read into it.

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