The magnetic gaze in nature

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“I recently read an account of a naturalist, who related that one day in a tropical country he noticed a winged insect circling around and around a scorpion.

After a bit, the insect made a series of desperate plunges at the scorpion, as if in a frantic desire to terminate the charm; the scorpion soon striking down the insect, and afterwards devouring it.

It is related by travelers that when one comes suddenly in the presence of a lion, tiger or leopard, his legs seem paralyzed, and the eyes of the beast seem to exert a peculiar fascination and power over him.

I have seen a mouse manifest the same emotion in the presence of a cat; and the same is true of a rat in the presence of a ferret, or similar enemy.

On the other hand, every observer has noticed the wonderful “charming” power that animals exert over others of their kind, of the opposite sex. If you have ever witnessed the courting of a bird, during the mating season, you will have a keen sense of the reality of the power employed.

One of the birds, and it may be either a male or female will be seen to actually “fascinate” or “charm” the one of the opposite sex, the latter lying still with quivering wings, and a helpless expression in its eyes.

When compared with the attitude of the same bird, when charmed by a serpent, the resemblance will be striking”

By looking at these examples from nature, we find that the Magnetic Gaze is not such an alien concept.

It’s found everywhere around us!

And as such, it can be developed.

That’s why we created the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training so that you can also develop this great power within you!

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