The Magnetic Gaze is everywhere!

Here’s an interesting finding by William Walker Atkinson:

“Among the animals we find many instances of the power of “charming” or “fascinating”, both of which I hold to be but varying forms of manifestation of Mind-Power in the direction of powerfully influencing the imagination, desire or Will of another.

The mental fascination, among the animals, manifest along two lines,

(1) along the lines of desire operating in the direction of sex manifestation, such as the winning of mates, etc; and

(2) along the lines of will operating in the direction of overcoming the prey of the animal, such as “charming” of birds by serpents, or of smaller animals by tigers, etc.

The power of charming animals, dogs and wild-beasts is undoubtedly possessed by some men, in varying degrees. And nearly everyone has known of men who could “charm” the wildest horses, as if by magic.

I have read of some burglars who seemed able to quiet the most ferocious watch-dogs.

Many of the readers have seen, or hear of, the horse “whisperers” found in various parts of the country, who will shut themselves in a stable with a fierce horse and by “whispering” to him will manage to tame him completely, and make him passive to their will.

There are many interesting instances of this sort, scattered through the pages of books on animal life. […] I have mentioned these features of the subject merely for the purpose of showing you that we have to deal with a general principle which manifests throughout all life.”

The power of the magnetic gaze is present on all walks of life – humans and animals included.

It’s not some unique power you develop through some weird exercises. No, it’s everywhere! You see in nature all around you.

All we do in the trainings is tapping into that natural ability.

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