The Magnetic Gaze Seems Strange

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:“The Magnetic Gaze seems strange, how can you influence someone with your eyes? by looking at them funny?”

That’s an interesting question to ask since the Magnetic Gaze is an apparently strange concept. But it’s no longer so strange when we think about what’s involved in the Magnetic Gaze training.

Aside from the obvious eye training where you train your eyes to have certain traits common to those with a powerful gaze, there’s much more to it.

Indeed if we only trained the muscular aspects of the eyes, not much would change. Most likely you would have just stay with a weird look!

But in this training, you also transform your Will and conviction. You transform yourself into a naturally persuasive person since you learn how to be constantly connected to your Will.

You train your energy with methods similar to qigong or yoga, they are both energy traditions that have lasted for thousands of years. They wouldn’t have lasted this long with so many practitioners if they didn’t work or if the energy they generated wasn’t real.

You also train certain aspects of your own Inner Power that allow you to change your mind and “feel yourself differently”, in a much more powerful frame.

Join all of this and you have a very strong system for influence, attraction, and magnetism.

If all our systems for communicating with other people taught us to use this hidden energy, connect with our Will, learning to spot the hidden scripts of our mind… society would be much different.

This is useful even for when you don’t want to persuade, but you merely want to communicate, since by ignoring the hidden energy aspects you aren’t truly communicating in an authentic way.

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations:

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