The masks you use that hinder you

You have different masks that you put on in different social contexts.

You are one person in your job, another with your friends, another with your wife/girlfriend, another with your family.

And that’s normal.

There are unspoken social rules in play which regulate your behavior in different circumstances.

The problem is that these masks you wear, are nothing more than a combination of self-imposed energy blocks for certain topics, conversations, energy, and so on.

You block certain jokes with your coworkers that you would have with your friends. You block certain topics of conversation with your family. You block certain behaviors with your boss.

That’s understandable and even desirable if we want our social structures to hold.

However… it’s important that you are aware of what you are blocking, understand the reasons why, and accept it – or not.

For example, maybe you block your sexual energy when you are with your family. It’s understandable and a normal block to have, after all, you’re not seducing or attempting to attract anyone there.

But then if some attractive person comes across your path while you are with your family, you’ll block that sexual energy the same way.

This happens because you have the “family mask” on. And this “family mask” blocks all projections of sexual energy.

The blocks for your sexual energy are 100% active on that moment. And nothing can be projected.

Most likely, that’s not something you want.

And, as you dig deeper into these particular blocks (and the corresponding mask), you discover energetic and psychological issues that need unblocking.

And once you do the process, then you are free to behave the way you want to behave.

But all this starts with awareness of your “masks”, your behaviors while wearing them and its energetic consequences of it.

That’s what we work on the training:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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