The Other Uses of Sexual Energy

By now you know the main benefits of Sexual Energy of improving your attraction and overall ability of displaying your sexuality in a way that attracts others to you.But cultivating your sexual energy can bring you many more rewards than just an improved sexual attraction for potential mates.

It sure has other benefits that we don’t clearly associate much with it.

One of them is stress relief. By undergoing the sexual energy training you understand very well what are the areas of your body that accumulate the most tension, since, more often than not, you also have sexual blocks in those areas.

And since you learn how to release energy blocks, it’s easy to destroy the blocks that are preventing the normal flow of your energy and cause you undue stress.

Another now very well known benefit is an improvement of your overall relationships and not just in your dating life.

It’s very common for those who undergo a serious sexual energy training to become much more in tune with people all around them. It’s like you wake up your social side with this not very known dimension that ends up moving the world.

The last benefit of this training is the ability to sexual transmutate your sexual energy to more creative pursuits.

Once you have dedicated enough to achieve what you want to achieve in your dating life (whether to “sow your seed” or to find a girlfriend/boyfriend), you probably want to use this extra boost of energy in a more creative way.

Maybe you want to use it in your work, or to start a business, or in some artistic endeavor… that’s why you learn how to transmutate the sexual energy into a more useful type of endeavor.

Learn how to connect with this hidden aspect of yourself with our new training Sexual Energy Mastery:

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