The plague of being neutral

One of the biggest problems of overall charisma and magnetism, is being NEUTRAL.

This happens when you don’t elicit any kind of reaction on the person that you are with. You are just like a wallflower.

Not bad, but also not good. The person interacting with you simply looks at you at “one more”.

The major problem of this neutrality is that you are not stimulating anyone. You aren’t projecting energy (or are blocking it), so others won’t feel your energy.

They can see you, interact with you on their logical mind, but you are not registered on their unconscious and energy body.

You cause no impact.

To create a magnetic impact on others, you need to be registered on a sub-logical level. Others need to feel you energetically, unconsciously, emotionally.

When there’s a negative impact, it’s because you did something that disturbed their status quo. Maybe you smell, maybe you spoke about something offensive, maybe your tonality irritates others, among many other things.

But you created an impact; you registered below the logical level of awareness.

They will be complaining about you, maybe even dreaming about you. Of course, it’s not desirable when it’s negative like that, but at least you “got in”.

That’s why it’s a lot easier to move from hate to attraction than from neutrality to attraction. From neutrality you still need to “get in”, while with hate you are already there and shifting the emotion is easier than arousing it in the first place.

Of course, to be 100% clear, I’m not recommending in any way to become negatively registered on another person’s mind. That’s definitely NOT a goal to aim for.

It’s obviously a lot better when you have positive magnetism and create a powerful POSITIVE impact that gets registered on the energy of others.

You can only do it by actually wanting to have this impact.

When you try to be as “nice” as possible, you end up simply being neutral.

When you try to feel as protected as possible inside, you end up simply being neutral.

When you try to accommodate everyone, you end up simply being neutral.

Without wanting to have an impact – and actively search for this sub-logical impact – then not much can be achieved.

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