The power of corporal magnetism

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“That there exists this phase of personal magnetism, called “corporal magnetism” cannot be doubted by the careful investigator. On all sides we may see evidence of the phenomena of this phase of personal magnetism. In the handshake of the person is often conveyed the strongest kind of personal magnetism – in the touch of the hand is often found the strongest kind of emotional vibrations. In the kiss, and the contact of the cheek, are often to be found the most active form of emotional vibrations, as almost everyone knows. In short, by bodily contact there may often be conveyed the most dangerous forms of sexual magnetism – and other forms of magnetism.

I do not intend to say much regarding sexual magnetism in this book, but I would not be doing justice to my students if I failed to at least mention some plain facts, in passing. I need scarcely remind my student of the powerful sexual emotions often aroused by a kiss, or touch of the cheek, or even the “holding of hands” – this knowledge is common to the race, although few understand the real nature of the phenomena.

Enough for me to say that the libertine generally realizes full well the powerful vibrations, which may be conveyed in this manner, although he does not understand the scientific facts of the case – he has the practice well defined in his mind, although he does not understand the theory. Young persons, especially young women, should be taught the danger of this form of magnetism, and should avoid allowing the physical contact which makes the same active. The “holding hands,” the thoughtless kiss, pressure of the cheek, embrace, or close physical contact, all afford and furnish a “direct line” for the passage of this form of magnetism, i.e., the sexual magnetism conveyed through corporeal channels.

The unprincipled person, of strong passions, soon learns that by close physical contact he may often convey his emotional vibration to the young woman, and thus arouse reciprocal vibrations, which may sweep her off her feet, and into his arms – often to her utter ruin and disgrace. This is not a pleasant subject, but I feel that I would not be true to my students if I failed to point out this dangerous force, and to caution them to guard against the employment of the same against them.”

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